Authenticated users and spoofing

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Authenticated users and spoofing

Post by mattko1 » Fri Jun 21, 2019 5:01 pm


I wish to to *stop* authenticated users on my mail server from being able send email from @addresses which are not theirs.

Currently any authenticated users on my server can configure in their outlook clients and send from me which isn't ideal.

I've checked the 'address spoofing protection' tab in SMTP settings and this is set to "Authenticated users can spoof sender address"

Ok so this makes sense that they can send from me.. BUT.. how can I turn it off? The other 2 options aren't what I want. I need to disable spoofing for all users, even authenticated users!

I've tried checking the "Authenticated senders must use the address from their postoffice" in the SMTP settings, but this just prevents me from sending any mail at all - despite the email address in my outlook client matching the mailbox. e.g. outlook: > mailanble: /mydomain/mailboxes/myname - mapping appears fine.

I've tried several times with this setting enabled, and restarted SMTP service. I am definitely authenticating with the same details as the email address I'm trying to send from but SMTP just won't send.

I'm probably missing something. Does anyone know the correct config for this?



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Re: Authenticated users and spoofing

Post by eta » Sun May 02, 2021 7:58 pm

Ho, I have the same issue, have you solved it?

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