DNS Blacklisting - allow actions similar to filters

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DNS Blacklisting - allow actions similar to filters

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I have individual filters set up for spam handling (spf failure / blocked sender / has a virus / etc).
Each filter is set up to add a subject prefix with that reason using the filter actions.

I also have the DNS Blacklist enabled on SMTP, and that too is set to send items to spam, however it doesn't allow me to add a prefix (or anything else) to state that it was the blacklisted (and maybe what service blacklisted it). I have to go look in the SMTP logs.


I think it'd be quite useful when configuring the blacklist there is an additional option to fire such an action. That way I could see "Blacklisted by SORBS" or "Blacklisted by SpamCOP", etc. Whether this is in the same action format as the filters, or simply another text field called "Subject Prefix" (which would probably be simpler)

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