SSL Not Working on Webmail.

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SSL Not Working on Webmail.

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I am running version 10.45 Professional. Since I reissued the Certificate in February, I cannot bring up the Web mail using HTTPS:// It looks as though the SSL is working on SMTP and Imap and Pop because there are no errors otherwise in the logs and I am having no problem connecting to or sending mail form the Mail server using TLS. I also upgraded this mail server from Windows 2016 to 2019 about the same time. So I am not totally sure which thing has changed this. It had been working fine for a year. It connects fine to the web mail using non secure.

I have 2 other mail servers I support all are pretty much Identical, so I have compared my IIs settings and ssl lab settings. The certificates on these other servers are current for a couple more months.

I have changed and rechanged all IIs settings and I have run SSL Labs scan on it and it is happy with my configuration.

Any masters out there with a suggestion?


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