MailEnable Administration Program will not run: "Cannot initialize snap-in" error.


Error is generated when trying to start the MailEnable Administration Program. An error such as the following may occur:

"Cannot initialize snap-in"


Follow the steps below on how to resolve the issue:

  1. Run the MMC (Microsoft Management Console) application by itself (Start->Run menu, then "mmc" as the program).
  2. Then select Add/Remove Snap-In from the Console menu of the MMC and select Add. Select "MailEnable Management".
  3. Once this is done, the MailEnable Administration Program should run. When attempting to exit the Administration Program, save the settings. You should overwrite your existing MSC file. This can be found in either of the C:\Program Files\Mail Enable or C:\Program Files\Mail Enable\Bin directories.

This problem occurs mostly on Windows NT, but occasionally on Windows 2000 upgrades. This issue may be resolved by using the MailEnable Installer application to refresh the configuration.

Instructions follow:

Using Explorer, browse to the C:\Program Files\Mail Enable\BIN directory and double click on the file called "MEInstaller.exe"

Note: A menu should be displayed. If the menu is not displayed, you need to download and replace your copy of "MEInstaller.exe" with the one available at

  1. Select the option to "Re-register" the MMC components.
  2. Click the Execute button and wait for the component to be updated.
  3. Click on the button to view the installation log and check for errors. (If there are any errors please search the MailEnable Knowledge Base for any error codes).
  4. Close the application and see if the problem has been rectified.


'Internet Explorer Script Error' when running the MMC:

Snap-in errors when opening or closing the MMC:

How to recreate the msc file for the Administration program:

When opening the MMC, error "Can not find the file 'C:\Program Files\Mail Enable\Bin\MailEnable.msc' (or one of its components).":

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Created:31/01/2002 2:27:00 PM
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