What is the "templock" file in the mailbox directory?


The templock file is created when a user logs into their email account via POP (i.e. when a user is retrieving email with a mail client). The lock file is to stop more than one person logging into the account at once. It is removed when the user disconnects.


With versions 1.72 and later of MailEnable Standard, and versions 1.15 or later of Professional, it is possible to stop MailEnable from using this file. This will allow multiple users to connect to the one mailbox, though it may produce error messages in various email clients (if they try to access a message that has been deleted by another connection).

To enable this, set the following registry key:

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Mail Enable\Mail Enable\Services\POP]
"Concurrent Access Enabled"= dword:00000001

If the registry key does not exist, then this registry value will need to be created.

NOTE: MailEnable Standard 4.x now has the ability to set "Concurrent Access" within the POP properties window under the "Advanced" tab which is enabled by default and does not require the creation of the registry key.


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