How to change the initial message that is sent to new mailboxes


When a new mailbox is created, a test message is created in the inbox of the mailbox. The filename for this is DEFAULT.MAI. This is used to help indicate that the user has successfully configured an email client and logged in. This file can be edited or removed.


When adding a new post office, the DEFAULT.MAI is copied from the Mail Enable\Config\Postoffices directory to Mail Enable\Config\Postoffices\[postoffice]. When adding a new mailbox to a post office, it copies the this file to the inbox directory of the user. So each postoffice can have their own default message, which can be customised.

To change the welcome message that is used as the default for new post offices, modify the message that exists in Mail Enable\Config\Postoffices. Otherwise you can edit the DEFAULT.MAI file for a specific postoffice by selecting the postoffice in the administration program - the link to edit the default message appears on the right hand panel. Or you can right click a postoffice and it is in the popup menu.

If the DEFAULT.MAI that is applied to new post offices is edited (i.e. the one in the Mail Enable\Config\Postoffices directory), keep a copy of the message because the file will be overwritten when upgrading. DEFAULT.MAI files that have been copied from the default template to a particular post office will be preserved.

Note: To stop users receiving a DEFAULT.MAI file simply rename or remove the DEFAULT.MAI file from the Mail Enable\Config\Postoffices\[postoffice] directory. To stop new postoffices being configured with this default message, also remove the one in the Mail Enable\Config\Postoffices directory.


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