Registering MailEnable Professional or Enterprise Edition


How to license MailEnable and registration errors that may be encountered.



How do I license MailEnable?

Firstly, MailEnable Standard Edition is provided free of charge, there is no need to register this application with MailEnable. It can be used for personal or commercial use without a license fee being paid. MailEnable Professional and Enterprise Editions are licensed on a per server basis.

There are two primary ways that you can register/license these versions:

For Computers Connected to the Internet:

When MailEnable Professional or Enterprise is installed, a Registration Wizard is installed under the MailEnable program group. This Registration Wizard queries the system and submits registration details to the licensing server. An Internet connection is required to use this utility to register MailEnable. A number of payment mechanisms ranging from online-credit card payments to faxed purchase orders are available. If you register using online credit card details, MailEnable will immediately acquire a registration key and register it with the server. However, if you choose any other payment mechanism, it simply lodges your registration request with the payment server (assuming that you will reconcile payment by fax or purchase order). Once MailEnable receives notification of payment mechanism, your license key will be generated and mailed to the nominated e-mail address.

For Computers not connected to the Internet:

If the server you wish to license is not connected to the Internet, you can order MailEnable via MailEnable's web site. Once this has been processed your license key will be generated and mailed to the designated e-mail address. The license key that you receive must be manually entered into the registration utility (located under the Mail Enable program group on your server). If you select to use the registration wizard it automatically detect the CPU count and will facilitate the licensing process.

NOTE: When specifying the CPU count, make sure you do not exceed the CPU reissue count limit of 3. If this happens you will need to contact support for assistance.

Reg Errors:

If you receive a REG-004 error during the licensing process, it is indicating that either the CPU count does not match or the license key is invalid or doesn't match. The following article explains how to resolve the issue:

If you receive REG-002 error, this means that the current user logged on the machine hasn't got rights to write to a registry setting needed for the license key. The following article explains how to resolve this issue:


MailEnable Licensing Policy see:

Obtaining an updated license key for a new server or server configuration:

Licensing FAQ:

What happens when Professional or Enterprise Edition Expires?:

Any further queries on licensing or registration can be directed to

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