Error code 80070057 when using HTTPMail


Error code 80070057.  This error typically means one of the following has occurred:
- A mail item on the server has been moved or deleted by another process.
- The mail client cannot connect or find the server

This  explains how to resolve the connectivity problems when using HTTPMail.


If HTTPMail is being used on the server, POP and SMTP should not be used as this will cause issues if POP removes messages from the server when the headers have been downloaded onto the client.

To test connectivity, simply copy the HTTPMail URL (e.g. http:// server :8080/mehttpmail) into a web browser. If prompted for a user name and password, then the service is running correctly. Outlook 2002 and Outlook Express only return basic error information to the user when using HTTPMail as the protocol. The Maintenance Options in Outlook Express can be used to diagnose the issue further. Using these options, it is possible to log HTTP Transactions to a log file and review the client and server conversation.


Configuring email clients to access the HTTPMail service:

Testing connectivity between Outlook Express and MailEnable:

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