How to send mail from an application or web page


How to setup relay options so that users can send mail using the MailEnable COM component.


To send mail from an external application or web page (including using the COM component MEMail.Message (MEASP.DLL) or the Command Line Send Utility) to a remote user or mail server, the relay permissions of the server need to be configured to allow the application to relay.

For example: To allow the local machine (and the COM object) to send out email, add the IP address as a privileged IP address.

To do this, please follow these instructions:

1. Load the Administration program, expand the Servers|Localhost|Connectors branch.
2. Right click on the SMTP icon, select Properties from the popup menu, then click the Relay tab.
3. Enable Allow relay for privileged IP ranges.
4. Click Privileged IPs and in the window that appears, make sure that 'By Default all computers will be Denied relay rights' is selected, and
add the source IP address that the component will use when it attempts to send mail through MailEnable's SMTP Connector.

Check the MailEnable SMTP Debug and Activity logs that can be found in the MailEnable Administration Program ->Servers->Localhost->Connectors->SMTP->Logs to verify the IP address the component/application is attempting to connect on.The logs will contain error information that will allow the cause of any faults to be determined. Ensure that the IP Address that the program/agent is using to communicate with MailEnable is granted relay rights.


Instructions on using MEMail.Message are available in the MailEnable Product Guides or in the MailEnable API Guide

MailEnable Professional and Enterprise Edition Product Manuals:

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