Windows DNS Server Response Codes


DNS error codes.


This article lists typical WIN32 DNS return codes. These return codes may appear in the SMTP Debug log file if the DNS is either incorrectly configured or there are DNS Errors being returned from the DNS Server:

9001 DNS server unable to interpret format.
9002 DNS server failure.
9003 DNS name does not exist.
9004 DNS request not supported by name server.
9005 DNS operation refused.
9006 DNS name that ought not exist, does exist.
9007 DNS RR set that ought not exist, does exist.
9008 DNS RR set that ought to exist, does not exist.
9009 DNS server not authoritative for zone.
9010 DNS name in update or prereq is not in zone.
9016 DNS signature failed to verify.
9017 DNS bad key.
9018 DNS signature validity expired.
9501 No records found for given DNS query
9502 Bad DNS packet
9503 No DNS packet 9504: DNS error, check rcode
9505 Unsecured DNS packet
1460 Timeout - This operation returned because the timeout period expired


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