How to smarthost/duplicate mail to multiple servers


If a smart host is set up the instructions and description below will explain how to send or forward the same message onto two servers.


There is no way to tell MailEnable to smart host the same message to two servers.

However, if you command delimit the hostnames then MailEnable will try to deliver to the first host, and if that fails, then to the second host. This does not solve the issue of duplicating the message because the first server will either catch the mail or will return an invalid recipient and the message will bounce.

The only alternative is to write an MTA pickup handler that could interrogate the message and make a duplicate message addressed to the target server. There is a sample of such an event handler within the MailEnable knowledge base and other samples within (Search for 'MTA pickup event').

The following utility also shows how to dispatch the message to a specific host:

A solution could be crafted by combining the code sample in the knowledge base and the routines from the abovementioned VB project for placing a new message into the SMTP Connector Outbound queue.

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