What syntax are the credentials to access MailEnable services?


This article describes the correct credentials needed when accessing MailEnable services.


MailEnable allows the hosting of multiple domains/organisations, therefore it is often not sufficient to simply pass the name of a mailbox name and password as user credentials. For example, you may have multiple mailboxes called "bob" configured, in different postoffices. MailEnable needs to be able to determine which postoffice the user "bob" is trying to authenticate as.

MailEnable introduces the concept of a post office that can be considered to be an organisation or company. MailEnable also allows mailboxes to be defined under a post office. In order to login with the credentials attributed to a mailbox, the username to authenticate needs to be formatted as: mailboxname@postofficename

You can avoid using the @postofficename part of the username where a default post office has been defined for a MailEnable server. It is possible to set the default post office from within the MailEnable Administration Program under the properties of a server (under the localhost properties).

It also is possible to bind each MailEnable post office to a particular IP address configured on the server. This allows the user to login only using the username and not have to specify the post office name, as long as they connect using the corresponding IP address. For example, if you bind a postoffice to an IP address and authentiate as "bob" the server knows that anyone connecting on that IP address with just the username "bob" is trying to only connect to the bob mailbox under that postoffice. This feature is only available under MailEnable Enterprise or Enterprise Premium. More information on post office bindings can be found in the MailEnable documentation.

Important note:

It is a common misconception that users authenticate against MailEnable as mailboxname@domainname - this only applies where the name of the post office matches the name of the domain. Post offices can host multiple domains and therefore, the post office may be named something more generic (i.e. the name of the company or organisation that hosts the domains).


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