How to configure integrated security


How to configure integrated security within MailEnable.


MailEnable Integrated Authentication can use Windows Authentication as well as MailEnable's inbuilt authentication. Mailboxes can be created as users successfully authenticate using Windows Credentials. To enable integrated authentication, select "Messaging Manager" Properties and check the box labelled "Enable Integrated Authentication". This is a system wide setting which either enables or disables authentication for all hosted Post Offices.

When using Tab Delimited Configuration Providers (the default configuration provider available with Standard and Professional Editions), MailEnable passwords are stored in text files under the configuration directory. (There is an option to encrypt these passwords).

Note: If using integrated authentication, Windows credentials will take preference to these passwords .

Once integrated authentication has been configured for the MailEnable platform, it is possible to configure integrated authentication for each post office. This will allow mailbox owners to authenticate against the domain assigned to the post office. (This option is available by selecting the properties of a post office.)

Under the properties of the post office, it is possible to configure whether or not mailboxes are to be created automatically. This means that mailboxes are created for users whenever they successfully authenticate with integrated security.

The combination of these two settings can deploy MailEnable to users within a Windows Domain, without needing to manually create mailboxes for them.


How to allow users to automatically create mailboxes via the web:

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