Troubleshooting DNS MX Lookup Issues


Troubleshooting DNS MX lookup issues.


MailEnable provides a simple utility that reports the mail specific DNS entries for your Domain. This utility is available at

Once the domain name has been entered and submitted, the utility will report back any Mail Exchanger Records that can be used to contact your host. Ensure that the MX record points to the mail server by name. (e.g. has an MX record

Record Type Description Values
MX MailExchanger records are used to define mail hosts for the domain. Mail Servers will attempt to send mail to these hosts first.
A Alias records are used to define hosts within the domain. Mail hosts will attempt to send mail to these hosts secondly.
CNAME CNAME Records are the last records that are used by Mail Servers to resolve a host. (None)

Next, attempt to connect to the mail server.

The simplest way to do this is using the Windows Telnet Utility. Go to the Windows command prompt and enter the following:

Telnet MXRecordResult 25

It should respond with an initiation string much like the following:

220 ESMTP Mail Enable SMTP Service, Version: 1.613-1.0016- ready at 02/28/03 14:04:45

If this is not the case, ensure that the SMTP Service is running. This can be done using the MailEnable Diagnostic Utility (located under the MailEnable Program Group).

If the service is running, validate that the host name returned by the MX record is valid. This can be validated by using the ping utility from the Windows Command Prompt. (e.g. ping

If the ping utility returns errors, again verify that the mail host name is correctly configured in DNS.


Which DNS Server should be used?:

How to configure and host DNS infrastructure for MailEnable:

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