How to manually refresh MailEnable COM+ components


How to manually refresh the COM+ components. The steps below are for versions 4 and earlier of MailEnable. Later versions do not use COM+.


This issue may be able to be resolved using the MailEnable Installer application to refresh the configuration. Instructions follow:

Using the MailEnable Installer to Update System Components:

1. Using Explorer, browse to the Mail Enable\bin directory and execute the file called "MEInstaller.exe"
2. Select the component to be refreshed/re-installed
3. Select the Execute button and wait for the component to be updated.
4. View the installation log and check for errors. If there are any errors, review the log and search the MailEnable Knowledge Base for any error codes.
5. Close the application and see if the problem has been rectified. 

The manual procedure follows:

This article outlines how to refresh COM+ packages within MailEnable where specific classes cannot be found. i.e. the package was not correctly installed in COM+.

This article explains how to delete the classes and manually register them.

1. Open Component Services administration tool in Windows and check that a package called "Mail Enable" exists under the Component Services->Computers->My Computer->COM+ Applications branch. Various MailEnable components should be registered under the Components subtree. If the package does not exist and running MEInstaller.exe does not create it, then you need to create this. This is done by right clicking on the COM+ Applications branch and selecting the New->Application menu item. An install wizard will appear. Select the Create an empty application option. Name the new application Mail Enable. When you are asked for the account to run under, select the IME_ADMIN user. To get the password for this account you need to reset it using the MEInstaller application and selecting the second option. This allows you to set the password. Finish the wizard. When the package is created, you can expand it and then start from step 6 below.

2. Right click on the MailEnable package and select Shutdown.

3. Select the Components Branch and highlight everything that appears in the right hand pane.

4. Once this is highlighted, press the delete key.

5. All the components should now be removed and the next step will re-add them.

6. Right click on the Components icon, select New Component from the popup menu.

7. A Wizard will now be displayed, select Next and select "Install new component(s)".

8. Browse to the Mail Enable\Bin directory and select the file called MEAPWMS.DLL. This file contains all of the web mail routines

9. Once selected, select Open.

10. A list of all the components that are to be installed under the MailEnable package will be displayed. Select the Next button.

11. Select the Finish button.

12. Attempt to access web mail. If error number ASP 0177 occurs, please see the following information: Note: The package name for web administration is Mail Enable Administration. The DLL Name is MEAPWAS.DLL.


Using the MailEnable MEInstaller.exe utility: Article ME020314

ASP 0177 : Web mail or web administration fail with 'The server process could not be started because the configured identity is incorrect': Article ME020030

Explanation of Windows COM+ Errors and their resolution: Article ME020203

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