How to change the password for the IME_USER and IME_ADMIN Windows accounts


You may need to change the password for the IME_USER and IME_ADMIN Windows accounts. These accounts are used by the MailEnable web applications and are given a random password during the installation process. You may need to know the password for clustering purposes or wish to change it for security reasons, etc.


The IME_ADMIN and IME_USER accounts are given the same random password when the mail server software is installed. The MEInstaller application can be used after installation to reset the passwords using the steps below:

1. Run the file called "MEInstaller.exe" in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Mail Enable\BIN directory (or when you have installed MailEnable) as administrator. Alternative you can run this from the Windows Run option.
2. When the MEInstaller window is shown, select the option "Web application reconfigure" and click Execute.
3. You will be prompted to enter a password. Enter a complex password and record this if you need.
4. MEInstaller will complete its tasks, which are more than just resetting the password. Details on errors (such as if your password complexity does not match Windows requirements) can be seen in the log, accessed by the View Log button.

After MEInstaller has completed, check web mail and web administration to make sure they are working correctly.


What are the IME_ADMIN and IME_USER accounts?: Article ME020184

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