Error "Message Delivery has been delayed"


Error "Message Delivery has been delayed".


This message is generated because an outbound mail message is unable to be sent to a destination mail server. It is most likely the result of bandwidth contention or the remote server is experiencing difficulties, is off-line or is under significant load. It is difficult for MailEnable to establish why the server is not contactable as MailEnable leverages the underlying network for communications and cannot effectively diagnose these issues.

If a host is offline or not contactable, the sender of the message will be sent a delay notification immediately, when the message is sent. The message will then be queued to be resent at a later time. The message delay notifications will continue to be sent until the message has either:

1. Been delivered to the target mail server
2. Expired and is moved to bad mail.


The message expiration lifetime can be controlled from within the properties of the MailEnable Administration program and allows you to specify the amount of time a message can be held in the queue.

The Administration program will not allow a message to be deleted from outbound message queues if their status is set to "Sending".

To manually remove a message from MailEnable's outbound SMTP Queue, delete these messages from the SMTP Outbound Queue and deleting the corresponding files from the following directories:

C:\Program Files\Mail Enable\Queues\SMTP\Outgoing
C:\Program Files\Mail Enable\Queues\SMTP\Outgoing\Messages

Determine the message ID by inspecting the message queues in the Administration Program.


How to control how often users are sent message delay notifications:

How to diagnose inbound message delivery delays:

How to diagnose outgoing mail problems and delivery delay notifications:

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