How do moderated lists work?


How a moderated list works.


When a message is sent to a moderated list, MailEnable will check to see if the sender's address is the same as the address of the moderator. If the address is the same as the moderator's address, then the message will be forwarded to the members of the list. Otherwise the message will be sent to the moderator's address. It is up to the moderator as to whether they edit/consolidate the messages forwarded to them by the list or if they simply forward the message onto the list.

Moderated List Example:

  • sends a message to the list . This list is moderated by
  • The message from will be intercepted by the list server and re-rerouted to
  • The headers of the message are not significantly modified when the message is routed to the moderator - so it appears that the message was in fact sent to the moderator by
  • will review the message and can forward the message onto the list.
  • When the list receives the message, the message from the moderator will distributed to the other members of the list (including


    List Connector messages are not dispatched for moderated lists:

    How to bulk import a large number of users in to a MailEnable list?:

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