AOL will not accept mail from a server with a dynamic IP address.


AOL will not accept mail from servers with a dynamic IP Address.


Dynamic IP address.


The solution to this problem is to smarthost mail addressed to AOL via your ISPs SMTP Server. Smarthosting will force mail addressed to AOL to then be passed to your ISPs Mail Server - which will then relay the mail on your behalf.

To do this, please follow this procedure:

1.Open the MailEnable Administration program and select the Postoffices branch under MailEnable Management.

2.Create Postoffice called Smarthosts and add as a domain under it.

3.Then specify the MX server(s) for your ISPs SMTP server under the domain properties of the domain.

If unsure of the SMTP Server that is provided by your ISP, contact them or review their web site.

Alternatively, to authenticate against a downstream mail host, requires configuring smarthosting for the SMTP Connector itself. This can be done via the MailEnable Administration program. |Servers|localhost|Connectors|SMTP|Properties|Smarthost.

You will then need to force all outbound mail to your provider and configure the appropriate authentication settings. This will force all outbound mail to relay via your provider.


Using MailEnable as a smart host:

How to direct SMTP outbound mail to another SMTP host:

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