HTTP Error 404 when accessing ASP web mail or web admin on Windows 2003


HTTP Error 404 error in the web browser when accessing MailEnable's ASP version of web mail or web administration on Windows 2003 Server.


This error may occur if Windows 2003 is not configured to allow ASP pages. MailEnable's web mail and web administration use ASP to render their interfaces.


To resolve this issue, configure Internet Information Services (IIS) to allow ASP pages to be executed.  This is done within the Administrative Tools > Internet Service Manager under Web Service Extensions To Enable ASP Pages. 
1. Select Web Service Extensions and highlight Active Server Pages.
2. Select the 'Allow' button

Web mail and web administration should be accessible using via the following URLs.

Web mail - http://servername/mewebmail
Web admin - http://servername/mewebadmin

Also ensure that the .asp extension is included as an extension in IIS.

To correctly resolve the issue, add the .asp extension to the Virtual directory MEWebmail located within the web site experiencing the problem in IIS. It needs to be configured in the extensions list under the "Home directory" tab in the web site properties in IIS.


How to manually create IIS Virtual Directories for web mail:

How to create a Virtual Directory for web mail with a name other than MEWebMail:

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