Which anti-virus solution to use with MailEnable?


Information about anti-virus solutions that work with MailEnable Professional and Enterprise Editions. Current versions of MailEnable include an ClamAV to scan emails, so there is no need to configure an additional scanner. The integrated ClamAV will be able to process messages much faster than using a command line scanner.


MailEnable Professional, Enterprise and Premium Editions provide an anti-virus plug-in that can scan mail messages for viruses before they are delivered to user mailboxes.

If you do wish to integrate additional scanners, the following overviews are provided to assist in selecting an anti-virus application for your MailEnable implementation. Be aware that some of these details may be out of date. You should evaluate and check any command line scanner before purchasing for use with MailEnable.


Company: Sophos
Product Name: Sophos Antivirus
Versions: Current Version
Configuration Guidelines: MailEnable Knowledge Base


Company: Panda Software
Product Name: Panda Command Line
Versions: Current Version
Configuration Guidelines: MailEnable Knowledge Base

Grisoft AVG

Company: Grisoft
Product Name: AVG
Versions: Version 6
Configuration Guidelines: MailEnable Knowledge Base

McAfee VirusScan

Company: McAfee
Product Name: McAfee Virus Scan
Versions: (Current Versions)
Configuration Guidelines: MailEnable Knowledge Base

MailEnable recommends trialling the anti-virus software before you purchase. It is also worth mentioning that some anti-virus agents require that the MailEnable Mail Transfer agent run with elevated privileges.

Real Time Protection

Some anti-virus agents cannot exclude directories or file types from their real time protector. This may produce unpredictable results if real-time virus protectors are monitoring and protecting critical MailEnable directories. It may be better disable real-time protectors on servers because they drastically inhibit disk I/O. An option is to schedule scans rather than using the real-time protector. Further reduce the risk by not running desktop applications on the server itself (e.g. mail clients). The following table outlines the current features of leading anti-virus manufacturers with respect to configuring real-time virus protection.

Vendor/Product Support
Norton AntiVirus Corporate Edition Can exclude directories and file types.
McAfee VirusScan Can exclude directories and file types.
Panda Can exclude specific directories.
AVG No ability to exclude directories or file types.
Norman Can exclude directories and files.
F-Prot No ability to exclude directories or file types.

Note: Any errors or omissions contained within this article are unintentional. For accurate and up to date information it is recommended to consult the manual or web site of respective software package. Whilst MailEnable provides a means for you to integrate anti-virus software, always check the licensing agreement supplied with the anti-virus software to determine any licensing constraints. 


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