How to change the location of the message store


How to change the message store location in MailEnable. This may be needed if you need more space, want to move the data to external storage, or similar.


Before changing the location of the message store, review the relevant product manual to gain an understanding of where MailEnable stores data.

  1. Copy Mail Enable\Postoffices and its subdirectories to the target location.
  2. If copying the message store to an existing MailEnable installation then rename the original Mail Enable\Postoffices folder for backup purposes to "_OLDDATA" before copying the "postoffices" folder to the existing path.
  3. Navigate within the MailEnable Administration console to Messaging Manager. Right click on Messaging Manager and select Properties from the popup menu. In the window within the General tab change the Message Store Repository path to point to the new location where the message store folder is. Your path should end with "\postoffices".  
  4. Run the mestart.bat file from the Mail Enable\bin directory. If you are using a version before version 7 navigate to Servers-> localhost->System in the administration program, right click on "Services Status" and select "Start all services". You can also start any websites or IIS that you had stopped in step 1.

Directory permissions should be inherited from the root folder when this was copied to the new location, however, if you encounter permission issues, then you can run the commands below to set correctly (changing the path to match your new location):

CACLS "C:\Program Files (x86)\Mail Enable\Postoffices" /t /e /g IME_ADMIN:F

CACLS "C:\Program Files (x86)\Mail Enable\Postoffices" /t /e /g IME_STORE_GROUP:F


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