What happens when the Professional or Enterprise Edition trial expires?


What happens when the evaluation period expires for MailEnable Professional and Enterprise.


When the Professional or Enterprise Edition evaluation expires, various features are affected. Email will continue to flow through the system but there are restrictions.

Currently, the following functionality is inhibited:

1. The ability to download attachments via web mail

2. MTA Filtering (including antivirus)

3. IMAP functionality (once the server is rebooted, or the IMAP service is restarted)

4. DKIM is not available in admin

5. Advertising options are no longer available in admin

6. Spam protection is not available in admin

7. SyncML administration no longer available

8. Archiving administration no longer available

9. Webadmin administration optional features are not configurable

10. Abuse prevention is not configurable

11. Auditing is not configurable

12. Log archiving is not configurable

For those using Standard Edition wishing to evaluate another version of MailEnable, but later deciding to revert back to Standard Edition, it will be required to uninstall the currently installed version and then re-install Standard Edition.

Note: If the license key is invalid or the computer name of the machine has expired then the licensing application will return an error code: REG-004.


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