How to direct SMTP Outbound mail to another SMTP host


How to redirect SMTP outbound mail to an alternative SMTP host.


MailEnable can smart host mail for each domain or for all outbound SMTP mail. The preferred means of smart hosting is on a per domain basis. The reason for this is that it is less likely to create infinite message loops, where messages are forwarded infinitely from one mail host to another. This is configured as a property of the domain under the MailEnable Administration program.

It is also possible to smart host all outbound mail to another mail host by configuring smart hosting under the properties of the SMTP connector itself.

Instructions follow:

1. Using the MailEnable Administration program, Expand Servers|localhost|Connectors
2. Right click on the SMTP Connector and select Properties
3. Select the Smart host property sheet
4. Check Smart host Enabled
5. Enter the IP Address or host name of the target SMTP Server
6. Ensure the port number is 25

NOTE: When smart hosting a domain, ensure that SMTP addresses for the smart hosted domains are not allocated to mailboxes.

If the target SMTP address is associated with a mailbox, it will be processed before the smart hosting rule. Hence, to smart host, do not locally service addresses for the domain being smart hosted.

Some ISP SMTP servers will allow their server to be used if your server is in an authorised IP address range. Other servers will require that you authenticate to use their server. Configure the credentials accordingly, using the "This Server Requires Authentication" checkbox and setting the appropriate username and password.

IMPORTANT: Do not smart host outbound mail to the local MailEnable server. This will cause message looping.


Using MailEnable as a smart host:

How to move mail from MailEnable to another SMTP Server:

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