How to manually delete Outbound SMTP messages from MailEnable queues


How to manually delete messages in the Outbound SMTP queues folder.


MailEnable stores all queued messages as files in directories. There is a directory for each connector Inbound and Outbound queue. The default location of these queues is "C:\Program Files\MailEnable\Queues"

For example the location for the SMTP outgoing message queue is "C:\Program Files\MailEnable\Queues\SMTP\Outgoing".

The queue directory stores a text file for each outgoing mail message. This text file contains the routing information for the message. i.e. who it came from and where it needs to go. For each message queue, there is also a corresponding "Messages" sub directory. This directory stores the actual mail message contents associated with each routing file. The file name of both the routing and message files are the same.

MailEnable's Administration program does not allow the removal of messages from queues once their status has been set to "sending". This creates a problem if trying to remove large messages that have commenced being sent out by the connector.

To remove these messages from the queue, follow these instructions:

1. Stop the connector that processes the queue (e.g. SMTP connector)
2. Determine the Message ID of the message to delete. (Either use the MailEnable Administration program to do this or simply sort/search the message content files in the Queue\Messages directory)
3. Once the message ID/filename has been determined, delete the message routing file. (e.g. C:\Program Files\MailEnable\Queues\SMTP\Outgoing)
4. Delete the message contents file from the Messages directory (e.g. C:\Program Files\MailEnable\Queues\SMTP\Outgoing\Messages)
5. Start the connector that processes the queue.


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