Does MailEnable web mail support Multiple Languages in Version 2?


The Professional and Enterprise Editions support the following languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish. Further languages are supported by a translation utility.

This article explains how to use the translation utility for web mail.


MailEnable's web mail allows selection of a language that is to be used to compose and read mail messages. The default web interface, however, is in English. A language migration tool is provided that will allow conversion of the web applications to other languages for earlier versions of MailEnable or for those languages not provided.

The language utility is found in the Mail Enable\bin directory when either MailEnable Professional or Enterprise is installed. The program is called MELangTranslator.exe.
IMPORTANT: Review the following article to ensure that the necessary runtime components exist for this utility: - Microsoft ActiveX Control pad

NOTE: The utility may need to update certain .dll files, so a restart of the machine is needed to update these dll files.

How the utility works:
The utility downloads a list of token maps from the MailEnable web site. This contains a list of all the tokens that need to be converted. This file is called WebMail-Tokens.txt and it will appear in the same directory as the application. As these tokens are converted and updated, they are written to a file called WebMail-tokens.XX - where XX denotes the language being translated to. When you click on the [Apply Translation] button, it makes a copy of the base-line English site and performs the translation of the tokens.

You can apply the translations as you go and review the results in a browser. The utility has a button that will set the current language used by web mail. This button is labelled as "Set this Language As Default for Web Site". This will modify MailEnable's web mail to ensure that the language being worked on is shown (rather than English) when accessing http://server/mewebmail


How to configure different languages for MailEnable version 3 Web mail:

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