Mail messages sent via SMTP relay are not being placed in the SMTP outbound message queue


Mail messages sent via SMTP relay are not being placed in the SMTP outbound message queue.


The issue could be that there may be an entry missing from the file. The format of this file is outlined in the System Guide - It is a tab delimited file that maps source addresses to target addresses. It has a special entry in the file required to route non-local SMTP messages should appear in the file as follows:

[SMTP:*]{TAB}{TAB}0{TAB}System .


This entry needs to be the first line in the file. It effectively means that any message that passes through the MTA as a SMTP message needs to be routed back out the SMTP connector (the diagnostic report should also confirm this). If this entry is not in the first few lines of the file, add it to the top of the file. The file is tab delimited.

Here is a technical explanation of what happens whenever a message is relayed through MailEnable:

1. The message arrives from the mail client and is received by the SMTP Connector. This is denoted in the SMTP log file with the transaction type of SMTP-IN (indicates an inbound SMTP transaction).

E.g. 08/06/03 12:58:34 SMTP-IN 240 MAIL MAIL FROM: SIZE=104145 254 Requested mail action okay, completed 43 50

2. Once all the data of the message has been received, the message is picked up from the SMTP Inbound Queue by the MTA and it is analysed to determine if it is local or if it needs to be sent back out the SMTP Connector. The MTA requires a special entry in the ADDRESS-MAP.TAB file. The first line of the file should contain the following:

Note: Address file is typically found in : C:\Program Files\Mail Enable\Config and can be edited using notepad. It is a tab delimited file.

3. If the domain name is not local, then the MTA should pick it up and place it back in the SMTP Outbound Queue.

4. The SMTP Connector will pick up the file from the SMTP Connector Outbound Queue and send it to the remote host. An entry should be found in the log file denoted as SMTP-OU transactions.


Diagnostic Report states "Invalid system entries" for Address Map Validity:

Error: Recipient is not defined in address map:

Diagnostic Utility reports Invalid System Entries:

MTA Debug or Activity Logs contain 'Address Map could not resolve recipient..' errors:

How to recover configuration data if a system corruption occurs or is accidently deleted?:


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