How to enable Domain Literal support (the ability to send mail to mailbox@[IPAddress])


How to send mail via mailbox@[IPAddress]


Domain Literal Support allows remote mail clients to send to mailboxes with the domain name specified as an IP Address.


Versions after 1.112 allow for Domain Literal Support under the Security properties of the SMTP Connector. By default, MailEnable will recognise all the IP addresses configured on the server. To add more IP address to be recognised, then click the Advanced... button to do this. To make this change against earlier versions will require editing the registry. If running a version without this support or to configure manually, please see the following section:

Configuring Domain Literal Support via Editing the Registry
Using the Windows Registry Editor, you should add the following Registry Entry:

Key Root: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Mail Enable\Mail Enable\Connectors\SMTP Value Name: Allow Domain Literals Value Type: DWORD Value: 1=On, 0=Off

Note: SMTP Connector must be restarted after this change.

For versions prior to 1.112 or versions that do not have the Domain Literal options under the security tab, MailEnable will determine the IP addresses of the box itself and provides literals for these addresses. Hence, to add an extra or different literal, add the IP address to the server itself. To do this, open the network connection, click Properties and select Internet protocol (TCP/IP), select Properties, click the Advanced... button. Use this dialog to add the IP address using the Add... button. Adding the external IP address(es) to the server itself should not cause problems (security or otherwise) and it may be more efficient than having it routed.


NOTE: If you are still running a version of MailEnable prior to 1.112 then it is recommended that you upgrade to the latest version. You can find the latest version from this location:

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