Error in CreatePackage -2147023170 Method '~' of object '~' failed when running the MEInstaller


Error in CreatePackage -2147023170 Method '~' of object '~' failed when running the MEInstaller


This error is reported when MailEnable is not able to create the necessary COM+ packages for web mail and web administration. The issue is most likely that Windows is not allowing these COM+ applications to be registered, and unfortunately the error returned does not provide adequate explanation of the reason. Hence, manually installing the COM+ applications under Component Services will clarify what is causing the error.


Please see below:

1.  Ensure that the IME_ADMIN account has Read and Execute permission to the files located in the C:\Program Files\Mail Enable\BIN directory.

2. Reset the password of the IME_ADMIN account to a known password. IME_ADMIN is a user account created when installing the web mail application. The web mail site runs under this account. To change the password go to Administrative Tools|Computer Management|Local Users and Groups (right click on IME_ADMIN and select Set Password).

3. Open Component Services under the Administrative Tools Program Group

4. Ensure that a COM+ package exists called "Mail Enable" under Computers > My Computer > COM+ Applications. If the package does not exist, right click on COM+ Applications and select New..>Application. This will allow creation of an empty Application with the name "Mail Enable". Accept all other defaults, but set the identity of the package to be the IME_ADMIN user, with the password set earlier.

5. Repeat the process outlines above to create a package called "Mail Enable Administration".

Then follow the manual procedure outlined in this article:


Using the MailEnable MEInstaller.exe utility: 

When using MEInstaller to install web mail or web administration, the error "Error in CreatePackage -2146368492" occurs:

What are the IME_ADMIN and IME_USER accounts?:

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