How to configure and host DNS infrastructure for MailEnable


How to configure DNS infrastructure needed for MailEnable. This article explains how to configure DNS if you are hosting your own DNS Server (as opposed to a third party or ISP hosting the DNS).


Using the DNS Management software for the DNS Server, ensure that an a DNS "A" (Host) record has been created for the mail server. This record type allows the host to be identified by a host name rather than IP Address. Validate that this was successful by pinging the server using the ping utility. Attempt to ping the host using its host name. If this works, then the A record was registered correctly.

Next, create an MX record that points to the A record. The exact way this is achieved depends on which DNS server/vendor is being used.

When selecting a DNS for MailEnable to use, choose one that can resolve all domain names, which is not necessarily the DNS which is hosting the domain names. For example, if you host your domain names through a third party, it is unlikely that you would use their DNS IP address to resolve.


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Revised:Thursday, January 9, 2020