How to configure multiple mail domains under MailEnable


How to configure multiple domains under MailEnable.


MailEnable can define multiple domains under post offices.

A post office is basically the same as an organisation, and hence, an organisation can have multiple domains.

For example, MailEnable Pty Ltd has the domains,,, etc.

If MailEnable was used to host another organisation, a new post office should be created. Any domains associated with the organisation should be defined under this post office.

Once the domains have been defined under the post office, addresses for these domains can be assigned to mailboxes defined under the post office. When people access their mail from the post office, they use their username as Mailbox@postoffice .

In summary, there are two options; create a post office for each domain or, create a single domain and register multiple domains under it. If possible, the first is preferable because mail for more than one domain can be delivered into the same user mailbox (for access via pop, web mail, etc). The choice depends on whether the domains are owned by the same company (post office) or if they are completely separate.

Ensure that the appropriate DNS records are used so that other mail servers know which Mail Server should receive mail for the domain.


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