How to track message sending in web mail or ActiveSync


The message tracking utility works by checking either the messages arriving or being sent via SMTP. Since the web mail client and ActiveSync protocol do not send their messages via SMTP inbound, it can be more complex to track them. If the message being sent it destined for a remote server, use the backtrace checkbox in the tracking utility to see its progress. Otherwise this article explains how you can see where the messages go using the logs. 


When sending a message using the web mail client or ActiveSync, you can see the MTA service picking up the message from the postoffice connector inbound queue, where it is intially placed:

08/21/23 08:25:18 [F7AF145C244D49A584C85A84814530FF.MAI] from (SF) []->[] Address Map resolved (masked) recipient.

The (SF) indicates messages picked up from the postoffice connector queue. You will see (SMTP) if it is getting it from the SMTP queue and (LS) if the message is coming from the list server. The MTA service will determine the destination route and the MTA Debug log will show where it was then moved to and if there was a new filename:

08/21/23 08:25:18 Processing file F7AF145C244D49A584C85A84814530FF.MAI from queue SF
08/21/23 08:25:18 ME-MTA-INFO : Routing message (F7AF145C244D49A584C85A84814530FF.MAI) from (SF) to 1 recipient(s).
08/21/23 08:25:19 ME-MTA-ROUTE [F7AF145C244D49A584C85A84814530FF.MAI] from [SF] Connector queued to [SMTP] Connector as [5557DD75E3BF42E38EE5FA085F18CF5F.MAI]

The SMTP Debug log then can be used to track the new filename.



How to track messages as they pass through MailEnable: Article ME020252

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