How to track message sending in web mail


How MailEnable sends a message when using web mail.


When sending a message from web mail, the following happens:

1. Web mail places a message in the Post office connector inbound queue.

2. The MTA picks up the message from this queue and attempts to route the message based on rules defined in the file. One of two things will happen, based on the whether the target address is locally serviced or it is an external domain.

3a. If sending to an external address/domain, the message will be placed in the SMTP outbound queue and the SMTP connector will attempt to send the message to the remote mail server.

3b. The MTA will detect that the message is locally serviced and it will be delivered back to the Post office connector and placed in a local mailbox.


How to track messages as they pass through MailEnable:

Tracking Message Path and sender location:

MailEnable tracking utility:

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