How to configure mail clients when accessing MailEnable via POP or IMAP and SMTP


How to configure email clients to access MailEnable's POP or IMAP and SMTP.


Ensure the correct credentials are being used to authenticate against the server. MailEnable services require that credentials be in the following format mailbox@postoffice. MailEnable can also be configured to assume a default post office name as part of the username. This means that any user credentials without the @PostofficeName suffix will use the {@DefaultPostofficeName} suffix. The default post office can be configured under the properties of "localhost" in the MailEnable administration program.

Please this article for more information on MailEnable credentials:

When entering the incoming and outbound server name use either a domain name which resolved to the IP address of the mail server, or the IP address itself. These domain names determined by what has been created in the DNS for the domain (e.g. you can only use if you have actually configured this in your DNS).

The following screen capture of an email client outlines the correct settings (the mail servers and account name will be your own). This screenshot also shows that the email client is configured for SMTP authentication because the 'My server requires authentication' checkbox is selected. This is required if the server has been configured for SMTP authentication by having the 'Allow relay for authenticated senders' checkbox enabled in the SMTP Relay Properties.

More details on relay settings can be found at




Troubleshooting Mail Client Connectivity to MailEnable:

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Error code 0x800CCC0F when sending mail from Microsoft Outlook:

Diagnosing POP and SMTP Authentication Problems:

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