Accessing web sites configured on the same server as MailEnable prompts for a username and password for the HTTPMail Service


Accessing web sites configured on the same server as MailEnable prompts for a username and password for the HTTPMail Service.


  • There may be another web site using port 8080 and therefore there is a contention. MailEnable Professional and Enterprise Editions optionally install a service on port 8080 of the server called HTTPMail. This protocol is based on WebDAV (Web Document Authoring and Versioning) and provides access to mail via Outlook Express, Outlook 2000/2002/2003/2007 (NOTE: The MailEnable HTTPMail doesn't support the Vista Windows Mail client). The protocol allows messages to be left on the server. Netstat, (A command from the Windows command prompt) can determine which services are using specific ports. This will list all the TCP/IP services that are listening on your server.Also, when upgrading, the order in which services are started by the operating system can change. As such, the upgrade process may have caused the contention.
  • Windows Live Mail will always prompt for a username and password. Reason being is that Windows Live Mail does support the WebDAV protocol for mail access and only supports connecting to Hotmail. 


Run Netstat (-a command from the Windows command prompt) to see if there any other web sites using port 8080. If there are web sites using port 8080, either change this port, or configure the MailEnable HTTPMail service to run on a different port. This can be changed in the MailEnable Administration Program.


Outlook Express returns error code 80070057 when using HTTPMail:

How to test HTTPMail connectivity between Outlook Express and MailEnable:

Changing password for mailbox is not immediate for clients using HTTPMail:

You cannot configure Windows Mail to use a Web-based (HTTP) e-mail account in Windows Vista:

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