How to run multiple processes in a MTA Pickup Event?


How to run multiple processes in the MTA pickup event.


The MTA passes two parameters to scripts or programs, namely the message/command filename (same name, different folders) and the connector ID, e.g., SMTP, so that the script/program knows where to find the file pair. The script/program needs to retrieve the path from the registry. One way to call multiple filters is to set the MTA pick up event to a batch file that in turn calls the programs.

1. Using Notepad, create FILTERS.CMD and save it in MailEnable's \bin folder.

cscript //T:20 "C:\Program Files\Mail Enable\Bin\killsobig.vbs" %1 %2
C:\Program Files\Mail Enable\SNIMTA\SNIMTA.exe %1 %2

2. In the MTA properties, check Enable pickup event and type "C:\Program Files\Mail Enable\Bin\filters.cmd" (with quotes) in the Program to execute on mail file: text box.
3. Select OK, then right-click MTA and first Stop and then Start the MTA service. The script/programs in this example are those that you mentioned, but any filter could be substituted or added in this batch file. When you change FILTERS.CMD you do not need to stop and start the MTA. Note: The order of scripts/programs could be an important factor. If a previous script/program has deleted files, the second will get a filename that no longer exists. This could leave your script in a state of confusion or something worse. If you add a script of your own that follows another, be sure that it tests whether the files exist before operating on them.


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