How autoresponders work


Autoresponders are read from the file AUTORESPOND.CFG which is located in the users mailbox directory (Postoffices\[postoffice]\mailroot\[mailbox]\). The existence of this file determines whether the autoresponder is enabled. The file is a plain text file of a message in RFC822 format. When an autoresponder fires, this file is read, and the following header lines are added to the message:

Precedence: bulk

Then MailEnable will then copy across all the contents of the AUTORESPOND.CFG file. So if you wish to set the reply to or other headers you will need to do this through the autoresponder file. You must make sure you include your own delimiter to separate the header from the email contents. An example file would look like:

From: "Auto Response"
Subject: [AUTORESPONSE] - Automatic Mailbox Response

Thanks for emailing me. I will reply ASAP

You may notice a file called AUTORESPOND.CF_ in the same directory. This file is used by the administration program and the webmail to store the last used autoresponder. So when it is disabled, enabling it won't require the file to be recreated. Be aware that any change in the administration program of the autoresponder configuration will cause the file to be overwritten.

Autoresponders will not reply to messages that have been flagged as bulk, system generated, or junk.

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Revised:Wednesday, May 4, 2016