Error: Recipient is not defined in address map


Error: Recipient is not defined in address map.


Email address cannot be found in the Program Files\MailEnable\Config\ file.

When assigning an address to a mailbox, this address is added to an internal structure called an Address Map. The address map is used to associate e-mail address with MailEnable mailboxes. The MailEnable Administration Program is used to assign addresses with Mailboxes (under the properties of the mailbox).

When someone attempts to send a message to MailEnable, MailEnable first checks to determine whether the address is a known or registered domain (i.e. a domain that MailEnable should accept and deliver mail to). If the mail is a local domain, MailEnable will receive for all addresses that have been configured/associated with mailboxes (Note: if a catch-all for the domain has been assigned, all mail will be delivered to the catch-all if there is no address map).

If there is no catch-all defined for the domain and there is no address map to associate the recipient to a mailbox, MailEnable will return an error as follows:

Domain for ([SMTP:mailbox@domain]) is locally serviced, but recipient is not defined in address map

All of the above only applies when someone is attempting to send mail to a domain that is hosted or "registered" under MailEnable. Of course approved users will need to send mail to domains other than local domains (e.g. Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc). Sending mail to an external domain is called Relaying. Care should be taken in configuring your server with respect to relaying as it may allow spammers to send unsolicited e-mail messages through the server (which will result in the server being blacklisted). Before any public user can send messages through the server, they should be authenticated (either by requiring them to enter a username and password or by granting permissions to their IP address).


Ensure that the email address resides in the file. Ensure that file is not corrupt. Run the Diagnostic Report to check the file entries.

Here is some further information on the Diagnostic Report


Information on setting relay options:

Diagnostic Report states "Invalid system entries" for Address Map Validity:

MTA Debug or Activity Logs contain 'Address Map could not resolve recipient ..' errors:

How to recover configuration data if a system corruption occurs or is accidentally deleted:

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