What happens when mailbox quotas are exceeded?


What happens when mailbox quotas are exceeded.


The MailEnable Administration Program can specify actions to take when mailbox quotas are exceeded. This can be accessed under the Properties of the Post Office connector.

MailEnable allows two things to occur when a message is delivered to a mailbox that has exceeded its quota. MailEnable will either notify the sender of the message or, notify the postmaster.

For performance reasons, the mailbox calculation is collated every 20 minutes. The size of the mailbox is found by reading through every message and calculating the size.  Without doing this the mailbox size would have to be worked out every message delivery or move event, putting excess strain on the server.  To get around this, a file for each mailbox is updated every 20 minutes or on login with the mailbox size in bytes.  The issue with this can be when a message or messages are received within or before this update, they will not be rejected.

Send incoming mail to the postmaster mailbox:
If the option is selected for the Postmaster to receive message when a quota is exceeded, then the original mail message will be delivered to the postmaster.

The target recipient of the message will also receive a brief message informing them that their quota was exceeded.

The sender of the message will also be notified in similar terms (unless MailEnable detects that the original message is an auto response message). MailEnable does this by examining the message headers of the original message.

Bounce E-Mail Back to Sender:

If the option to bounce the message to original sender is selected, then a message will be sent to the sender notifying them that the mailbox quota was exceeded for the target recipient.

The original message is discarded (deleted) and is not delivered to any of the recipients or the postmaster.

In all cases, an entry is written to the Debug log with the following contents:
Mailbox (Mailbox) on postoffice (Postoffice) has exceeded its quota


Quota Notifications - Troubleshooting: http://www.mailenable.com/kb/content/article.asp?ID=ME020347

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