Unable to login to web mail (browser does not accept cookies)


Unable to login to web mail, browser does not accept cookies.


To authenticate against web mail, ensure that cookies are enabled in the browser.


Please see below for instructions on how to enable cookies for Internet Explorer 6 (IE 6):

1. Select Start > Settings >Control Panel.

2. Select Internet Options

3. Select the Privacy tab. This should display either a slider control or the word 'custom' for Privacy settings. If 'custom' is displayed, follow the instructions for advanced users instead.

4. By default, privacy settings should be set to medium.  If the settings are higher than medium, changed them back to medium, as this is the highest privacy level which will still allow the login cookie to work properly.

5. Click OK, close all IE6 windows, and restart IE.

Instructions for advanced Users

1. After following steps 1-3 above, Click the Advanced... button.

2. Check 'Override automatic cookie handling' and select 'Accept' under both 'First party Cookies' and 'Third party Cookies'. Also, enable 'Always allow session cookies'.

3. Select OK, close all IE6 windows, and restart IE.

Alternative instructions for those who require the medium-high or high privacy options

1. In the Privacy tab, click Edit... in the Web Sites section.

2. In The Address of Web Site box, type in http://yoursite then click Allow.

3. This will enable all servers in the "yoursite" domain to set and read cookies unless privacy settings are set to explicitly set to block or allow all cookies.

4. Select OK, close all IE6 windows, and restart IE.

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