How to locate corrupt messages in the SMTP Connector Queues


How to locate corrupt messages in the SMTP connector queues.


The SMTP message crashing issue can be caused by a corrupt message in the SMTP Queue. The number of messages in the queue will not cause the SMTP connector to crash, but a corrupt message can.


The method to determine which message is corrupted follows:

1. Stop the MTA Service
2. Start and Run the MailEnable SMTP Service until the service fails
3. Use Explorer to open the C:\Program Files\Mail Enable\Queues\SMTP\Outgoing folder
4. Sort the contents of this folder by filename from A-Z
5. The first MAI file in this directory is likely to be the one that is causing the issue with the SMTP Connector. It is possible to open this MAI file using Notepad and inspect the contents - the format of the MAI file is outlined in the System Guide PDF document which is under the MailEnable program folder.
6. Move the MAI file to another directory and then start the SMTP Connector
7. Once the corrupt MAI files have been removed and the SMTP Connector is running, start the MTA to allow messages to be delivered into the SMTP outgoing mail queue.


The SMTP/MTA/PO Connector Crashes:

How to diagnose MTA Failures:

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