How to update license keys if changing the computer name (NetBIOS)


How to update license keys if changing the computer name (NetBIOS).


License keys can be managed online via Online Services (see: Details for accessing Online Services will have been mailed to the registered email address that was used to purchase. The username is the e-mail address that was used when the copy of MailEnable was registered. If you do not know your password you can use the forgotten password feature on the Online Services page to have your password mailed to you.

Alternatively, a new license key can be requested using the Registration Wizard under the MailEnable program group on the machine that is to be registered. This will expire the old key and issue an updated key for the machine.

The Registration Wizard executable is called MEPReg.exe and is located in the MailEnable BIN directory.

Note: Be sure to specify the same e-mail address that the product was registered with.

Note: When entering the CPU issue count on Online Services be sure to enter the correct CPU number. After 5 issue counts the CPU count will not be able to be changed and you will be forced to contact support to reset the issue count.


Licensing FAQ:

How to request an updated license key:

How to determine purchase details if license details or record of purchase are lost:

Error REG-002 when running the registration utility:

Error REG-004 when running the registration utility:

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