How to recreate the msc file for the MailEnable Administration Console


If the MailEnable administration program is producing errors or is missing components, then a new .MSC file may be required.


To recreate the .msc file for MailEnable administration, follow the steps below. The .msc file is a Microsoft Management Console file which contains the administration details. There are a few cases where recreating this file may be required:

1) If a beta product of MailEnable has been installed and upgraded the version.
2) If the current view has been saved in the msc file and then a reinstall of some MailEnable components has been performed. 
3) If an older MSC file has been saved over the current file and effectively rolled back the file to an earlier version, thereby making the new functionality not configurable or viewable.

The error "Cannot initialise snap-in" when starting the MailEnable administration program may be an indication of this problem. This error may also occur if trying to access the web administration component inside the snap-in.

Follow these steps first if you are running version 6 or earlier of MailEnable. In these versions if you have installed MailEnable on a 64bit operating system then run the mmc from the Windows "Run" command and use: mmc /32. The MailEnable management snapin is a 32bit application and requires the mmc to be run in 32bit mode. If this does not resolve the issue, then move onto the next set of steps below:

1) Make sure that the MailEnable administration program is not running
2) Run the MEInstaller.exe application from the Mail Enable\Bin directory
3) This will display a window, select the "Re-Register MMC components" item.
4) Select the Execute button
5) Try the administration program to see if the error is still occurring.

If you are using MailEnable version 7 or later follow the steps below:

1) Run the mmc by entering "mmc" in the Windows Run command
2) Select the "Add/Remove Snap-In.." menu item from the File menu
3) A list of items that can be added to the MMC will be displayed in a list
4) Scroll through to find the MailEnable Management item
5) Select the item and select "Add..."
6) Select OK
7) Save the msc file by selecting "Save As..." from the File menu.

It should now be possible to open the new MSC file by double clicking it. You can make a shortcut to it as required. The default msc file is saved in Mail Enable\Admin\MailEnableAdmin.msc.


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