How to configure IIS SSL support for MailEnable web mail or web administration


This article contains information for configuring SSL support for the web mail and web administration clients, which run under Microsoft IIS.


Webmail and web administration can work either as a virtual directory under an existing website in IIS, or they can run under the MailEnable WebMail and MailEnable WebAdmin IIS sites, which are created when the mail server software is installed. So an SSL certificate needs to be configured for either of these. The process for purchasing a certificate for IIS for the webmail and web administration is the same process as for other IIS sites. The certificates used can also be used for the core mail services like POP, IMAP and SMTP, so using a generic certificate such as is a popular option.

With the introduction of SNI (which is in IIS version 8 and later), it is possible to use host headers with a single IP address. Without SNI however, each domain that has SSL configured requires IIS to use a separate IP address for that web site. All modern web browsers support SNI.


The procedure for configuring SSL IIS websites for IIS 7.0 and later is outlined here:

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