HTTP error code of 500 occurs when adding attachments or composing in web mail


An HTTP 500 error occurs with either of the following actions:

1. Trying to add an attachment to an email, or

2. Writing an email message, then selecting the Attachments tab


This indicates that the permissions have not been set on the post office directories. The web mail DLL runs under the context of the IME_ADMIN Windows user. This user needs read/write permissions to the MailEnable post office directory. The error occurs when composing a message or adding attachments, as this is when the web mail DLL is attempting to create a temporary file.


To resolve, run the MEInstaller.exe application from the Mail Enable\bin directory. Select the first option and click the Execute button, and then select the second option and click Execute. This will reset the permissions on the post office directory.

Product:MailEnable (Custom: Custom: Custom: Custom: Custom: Custom: All Versions)
Class:PRB: Product Problem or Issue
Revised:Wednesday, May 4, 2016