How to locate an MAI file


MailEnable stores all mail messages in a basic text format with an extension of MAI. These files can be opened and viewed by any basic text viewer such as Microsoft Notepad.


MAI files are plain text RFC822 messages and are located in following location within the MailEnable folder structure:

Mail Enable\Postoffices\[postoffice]\MAILROOT\[mailbox]

The directory structure will be similar to what a user sees in their email client. In webmail you can easily get a copy of the MAI file for a message by right clicking it in the folder list and selecting the option to Download Source. The file downloaded will have the same filename as the one on the server.

If you wish to insert a message into a folder on the server you need to use a plain text RFC822 formatted file, with a filename with the MAI file extension and a GUID as the rest of the filename. Placing a message in a folder will not add it to the index, so to do this, create a blank text file called _change.dty and put it in the folder. The next time an email client access the folder it will update the index to match the message files.



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Revised:Wednesday, May 4, 2016