How to determine MailEnable purchase details if license details or record of purchase are lost


When you register MailEnable, the licensing system will dispatch a registraton notification message containing the details of your registration. If you are able to locate the message, or forget your details, there is some additional information that you can supply to MailEnable to assist in locating any purchase/registration.


If you require MailEnable to attempt to locate your registration details, you should log a support ticket outlining as manu of the details listed below as possible:

Diagnostic Report
The Diagnostic Report off the current server is likely to contain information that may assist in locating regitration details. The Diagnostic Report can be generated by typing mediag from the Start|Run menu or Windows command prompt.

Existing License Key
MailEnable stores its license key numbers as issued in a database. If you inform us of your old license key number we may be able to use this to determine your purchase details.

Order File
When you
order a license key for a server, a file is written to Mail Enable\BIN\ORDER.XML. If you mail this file to us, we can determine what mail address was used to request the license key.

Order Date

If you supply the date of the purchase, we can use this to search the transactions at or around that time. Mode of payment and credit card statement date are also useful in locating the transaction.

Registration Details/List of possible E-Mail addresses 
MailEnable stores the contact details (including the registration e-mail address) with every registration. The company name, contact name and any possible e-mail addresses that were used when MailEnable was registered can be used to search the registraton database and potentially locate a registration.


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Revised:Wednesday, May 4, 2016