Creating and configuring a back-up mail server


How to create and configure a back-up mail server.


In order to configure a back-up server, create the same domains on the backup server, but no email addresses.

Then, set the smart host for each domain to point to the primary server. This means that if the primary server goes down, the email will be delivered to the secondary server. This server will accept all email addressed to a domain, and then try to send this email to the primary server. Since the primary server may still be down, the emails will sit in the outbound queue, and be retried (the retry interval can be set). When the primary server comes back online, then the banked up email is sent through. MailEnable Standard version can be used for the back-up.

This will resolve the back-up of email being received. It will not allow users to connect and send email out or retrieve it. This is because their email client will be pointing at the IP address of the primary server. In order to give users access to the services to send/receive email, consider implementing clustered servers, or a load balanced solution with one common storage for the configuration data and emails.


How to cluster MailEnable:

Using MailEnable as a Smart Host:

How to direct SMTP outbound mail to another SMTP host:

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