How to resell a copy of MailEnable or purchase on behalf of another company / someone else


To purchase copies of MailEnable and then transfer (resell) the license keys to others you need to be activated as a MailEnable reseller. 

In order to become a MailEnable Reseller, you must make at least one purchase of either MailEnable Professional or Enterprise Edition.  Discount rates are applied separately, per product. Discounts will apply from your second purchase of the same product.


Becoming a MailEnable Reseller

As a MailEnable reseller, you can purchase licenses using your account, then transfer that license key to your own customer. Once activated as a reseller, additional menus appear under your online services login. These menus allow you to register your customers and to transfer or resell licenses to them. You can be activated as a reseller by filling out the Reseller Application Form.  Resellers receive discounts based on the number of copies resold and are advertised on our website.  

MailEnable Reseller Classifications

MailEnable Resellers are classified according to the number of copies sold. As your ranking increases, so does the applicable discount for copies purchased after that point.

Reseller classifications and discounts are outlined in the following table:

Class Volume Discount
Blue 2 10%
Bronze 11 15%
Silver 21 20%
Gold* 51 25%
Platinum* 100 30%


  • When you purchase a second copy of MailEnable you will receive a 10% discount on that purchase.
  • When you purchase the 11th copy of MailEnable you will receive a 15% discount for that purchase.

    Discount levels are applied separately for Professional and Enterprise Edition

    Note: * In order for Gold and Platinum resellers to qualify for a 30% discount an additional application must be lodged with MailEnable. The application considers any additional service offering that can be provided by the reseller that warrants the discount.  This also works to ensure that other resellers are not discriminated against.


    Our Reseller Policy is online at:

    A list of MailEnable Resellers can be found here:

    MailEnable Reseller Application Form:

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