Using COM Components on another server


How to use MEMail.Message from another machine that does not have MailEnable installed. It is best to avoid using this DLL on another server, as it only is available as 32bit. An alternative is to use the Microsoft .NET framework for emailing.



Is it possible to use MEMail.Message on machines that do not have MailEnable installed on the server? 

For example, if there are ASP pages written with MEMail.Message to send e-mail on the current server with MailEnable and these websites are trasferred to another server which does not have MailEnable
installed, will the ASP pages still be able to send email?


To use the MEASP.DLL component on another server, copy the MEASP.DLL file from the Program Files\Mail Enable\Bin folder and place it in the same folder as the existing MailEnable install. Then run the following from the command line:

Regsvr32 "C:\Program Files\Mail Enable\Bin\MEASP.DLL"
More info: Article ME020247

The following registry key should be added:

Root: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Mail Enable\Mail Enable\Connectors\SMTP
Name: Bad Mail Notification Sender Address
Type: String (REGSZ)
Typical Value:

In terms of licensing MailEnable for this setup, using the MailEnable MEASP.DLL file (send Mail COM Component) on another computer can only be done if at least one fully registered version of MailEnable Professional or Enterprise Edition is owned.


CDO should also work, but the Microsoft SMTP Service would need to be configured to run correctly. Please see: Article ME020005

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