How to diagnose blue screen problems with Windows


When a blue screen occurs, a STOP ID will be written to the screen or to the Windows Event log. This STOP ID indicates which driver caused the kernel exception.


Hence, identifying the problem involves diagnosing Windows device drivers or faulty hardware:
1. The server administrator should inspect the hardware configuration; potentially replacing the memory in the computer.
2. Review driver usage
3. Ensure that there is no third party unsigned drivers running e.g. firewall protection or packet sniffers - anything that operates at a low level
4. Microsoft has debugging tools (downloadable from their web site) to inspect the memory dump, to potentially identify which driver is causing the problem

It is important to note that MailEnable is not the cause of blue screen errors.  Blue screen errors may occur after installing MailEnable but this is due mainly to MailEnable placing demands on services or drivers that may have not been previously used or used only minimally.


Some Network Cards may cause communications failures with MailEnable:

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Revised:Wednesday, May 4, 2016